The Story Of A Red Rose Dehradun

The Story Of  A Red Rose Dehradun

Jawaharlal Nehru’s Red Rose Dehradun

Blossoming under the sunlight,
I spread my petals as a shadow came to block my sight.
The person started to pull me from the root,
But I knew it was a useless fight to put.

I wondered where I would go from here,
Which lover would intake me to please their partner.
Imagine my shock when I landed as a coat pocket wear,
And when it was none other than the Jawaharlal Nehru,
I felt like it was a result of my unwanted prayer.

On his black coat, I sat with pride,
He patted me close to his heart;
And a happy feeling overwhelmed me,
Because I knew I wasn’t going to be one who hides.

A thought crossed about my friends that moment;
Are they hidden behind others in a bouquet of flowers?
Or have they taken shelter as a bookmark?
Does a lover tear off their petal to decide
Whether the one they love are in love with them or not?
Or do they still breathe under the sunlight?

The happiness bloomed inside me,
As I heard Nehru discuss the future of our country.
He stood in front of people so confidently,
Promising very bright days to everyone ahead,
Telling the members how unity was the ultimate key.

Every time he felt something, I felt it too,
Because I was there, right above his heart.
I was ecstatic that I wasn’t crumbled under a stranger’s shoe.
And I got to play such an important part.

At night when it was time and the day was over,
Nehru gently took me off his coat and glanced at me for a second.
I filled my purpose, and that made me feel like I had so much power.
I was just a flower after all,
But one human made me feel like I could rule the entire world.

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