Top Summer Flower Delivery in Dehradun

Top Summer Flower Delivery in Dehradun

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Top Summer Flowers:

Summers is the most exciting time of the year that brings along with it, sunshine, hope, and happiness. Another beauty about Summers is that a plethora of flowers love to bloom all through the season. Let’s take a look at some of the Top Flowers that love to bloom in Summers.

  • Marigold: These vibrant flowers just make sure they uplift the whole mood of the garden. From light yellow to golden brown, the color varies as per the weather and environment. Marigold is not just a gorgeous flower but is also used for medicinal and religious purposes. Another great benefit is that the pigment that is extracted from the flower can be used for food coloring. Finally, Marigold tends to keep all the bugs away by eating all the insects that tend to hamper other flowers and should be planted close to such flowers.
  • Roses: This incredible summer flower has a lot of songs written about it. It is a flower of love and passion and is often used to express emotions and other lovely expressions, beyond words. Roses, at times, can be sensitive and get diseased quite often, so one needs to really take care of these Flowers. Besides the look and an amazing aroma, Roses add delight by being available in diverse colors such as Red, White, and Yellow.
  • Hibiscus: The hibiscus is a typical flower that tends to grow really huge. These surprisingly pleasant looking flowers have a charm of their own. Even if you don’t necessarily live in a tropical climate, they bring a tropical look to your garden. In order to survive and grow, Hibiscus needs a lot of water and space.
  • Zinnia: Planting Zinnia is the most convenient and the cheapest way to add multi colors to your yard. Like most other flowers, these also look at their best when there is enough sunshine around. Zinnia also attracts butterflies, so one can expect a few of these beautiful creatures in your garden every now and then.
  • Verbena: Verbena is another classic Summer Flower that comes in a lot of colors and is ideal for those spaces where you feel there is constant water supply or a rapid waterfall. You can plant the Verbena in flower boxes, pots, and even on retaining walls to get a huge number of these on the walls and add to the beauty of your garden.
  • Lotus: Although Lotus is a sensitive plant that blooms in water, you can also afford to have these in your garden, if you can arrange a small artificial pond and take the look of your garden to another level. Some of the Lotus that is bright white and Pink usually are a part of the religious ceremonies. It is believed that Lotus brings wealth and prosperity when used on such occasions. It also happens to be the national flower of India. Astonishingly these flowers completely close themselves, after daylight.
  • Tulips: The most incredible fact about summer flowers is that they come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Now when we talk about Tulips, you can be absolutely sure that these flowers will add splendid colors and grace to your garden. They are also known as the Roses of the new era and come in diverse colors such as pink, yellow, purple, cream and black.

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